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ACE Public Adjuster of Savannah, LLC have over 30 years in negotiating fire, smoke, wind and water damage claims with local adjusters, staff adjusters, claims managers. We understand the day to day business protocol of your Insurance Company adjuster and his management team.

AJ Davis, LLC - Property Loss Consultant (Savannah GA) can estimate your property damage under our loss consulting program for free with a signed Georgia Public Adjuster Contract to do the work for you or if you just need an estimate we offer a stepped fee schedule for various sized estimates up to and over $100,000’s  of property damage.

My business model allows you to get back to your life and job while we document all the damage to your home. We deal with your adjuster, your insurance company, your mortgage company, if necessary, in efforts to get paid. You pick your contractor, paint colors, floor coverings and all personal items and we do all the work to get you paid for all your damages.

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AJ Davis, LLC - Property Loss Consultant (Savannah GA) wants you to know our office is not just a truck and cell phone number!  We have been in the same physical  location since 1971 and we own the building so we will not disappear overnight.  We are not offering you construction repairs services on this site but, we are offering our experience as a public adjuster to fully settle your insurance claim for your highest benefits available for the damage to your property.

What We Do

We start by reviewing your policy and determining the scope of your loss, including what is covered.

Evaluate the cost to replace your home as covered under the policy terms.
Analyze all insurance polices and pertinent documentation to your claim.
Survey structural damage to estimate repair cost or replacement.
Prepare a room-by-room damage estimate and description of the building with and photos of the damage.
Assist you in creating a complete physical inventory of your contents, fixtures, furniture and equipment.
Establish agreements with the insurance carrier on the degree of damage and help set replacement costs.
Present all claim projections to you first, for your approval prior to submitting insurance company adjuster, keeping you continually apprised of all developments in our negotiation with your adjuster.
Meet with you to give status of loss, time and dollar projections, as well as opinion and recommendations when appropriate.
Maintain a constant dialogue with the insurance company and make sure all approved measures are taken to ensure an equitable claim for you, while adhering to time requirements and conditions.
Work with you and your insurance carrier to fulfill all your obligations under your policy.
Expedite the claims process and negotiate a fair settlement on your behalf.
Suggest if you may need any of the following additional services available to you: legal, architect, engineer, CPA

You may rest assured that AJ Davis, LLC - Property Loss Consultant (Savannah GA) has the solution to your problem with years of experience.  We value your trust and respect your opinion.  ACE Public Adjuster of Savannah, LLC will thoroughly explain our plan to provide you with the burden of proof for  your property, answer all of your unanswered questions, and allow you to decide on your contractor with no obligation and no pressure. We work directly with you and your insurance company to ensure a fast claims process and help ease the additional stress and burden on you. You and your family get your life back and we handle all the details of rebuilding your property.
This is a solicitation for business. If you have had a claim for an insured property loss or damage and you are satisfied with the payment by your insurer, you may disregard this advertisement.
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